Lift up your eyes, 
and look on the fields; 
for they are white 
already to harvest.
John 4:35



  Having learned of a couple who wanted a good Bible preaching church in their area, Ricky and 
Cindy Davis and family traveled up from Georgia in September of 1997 to survey the Plainfield area. The 
purpose was to see if there was indeed a need for such a church. Throughout the time spent in Plainfield, 
both Rick and Cindy knew that God was indeed calling them to Connecticut to start Open Bible Baptist Church. March 21, 1998 found them headed north with all their belongings in order to 
see this accomplished. he first services were held on April 11,1998 at the Atwood Fire Hose Station 
in Wauregan, CT. However, the facilities were costly, so the Lord led us to rent two rooms at Quinebaug 
Valley Family and Children`s Services building in the fall of that year.

            In April 1999, at our first anniversary service, we held our Charter service. God was very 
good to us and sent many people our way. We began to grow into the rooms. At the same time the building 
was sold and the new owners did not want a church in their facilities. God was pushing us 
out in order to bless us in ways we could not even comprehend. Plainfield would not even 
acknowledge that the church existed and ignored all the correspondence that asked permission to 
rent a storefront building (due to code issues). But God was working.

            There was a building that had been up for sale for several years, the Brooklyn Grange. 
Several people and organizations had contracted to buy it, but they all fell through. We knew it was basically impossible for our little church to acquire it, but what choice did we have but pursue the possibilities. We approached the Grange members and proposed a "rent/option to buy" deal. They agreed. "But with God all 
things are possible." The Grange had just months before refused to rent it
 to a man wanting to start a church, but God moved upon their hearts to rent it to us. March 8 we 
held our first service at our new facilities. What a joy! Now came many months of cleaning, painting, praying, working with town official, all to be able to permanently have Open Bible at this location.
 God moved once again and allowed the Town to welcome us, he allowed our little group to raise 
over $7,000 of the closing cost, and sent us $15,000 in the last few days so we could go to closing. 
 He has provided the funds for chairs, ramp, nice sign, and driveway, as well as many other needs.

            In 1998, God established Open Bible Baptist Church as a lighthouse to this area. By Gods` grace we pray that it will remain so for many decades to come.