Lift up your eyes, 
and look on the fields; 
for they are white 
already to harvest.
John 4:35

I would like to invite you to visit with us at 

Open Bible Baptist Church. You will find that our 

church has a warm atmosphere of friendly Christian fellowship.

We are committed to following after the life of our Saviour, the

Lord Jesus Christ, and the eternal truths of God’s Word.

What makes Open Bible so special is the caring people

that God has brought to this ministry. Our church is here

to serve you through the specially designed  ministries

that meet on a regular basis. Our church has a lot to

offer to those whose desire is to serve the Lord Jesus

Christ. Over the last ten years, God has blessed our

church tremendously. The reason that God has blessed is

that our focus is solely on the truths of God’s Word, not

man’s opinions. On behalf of our church family, I would like

to invite you to be our guest and worship with us this